QNM-I Thrust Areas

Quantum Information Science is the foundation that undergirds the development of radical new technologies: quantum computers, communication systems, cyber security, high-precision sensors, and metrology. The QNM Institute will target multi-year transformations and create new opportunities to enhance capability building of both people and technology.

Science & Engineering R&D

Expand access to basic research to enhance programs, leverage resources, and improve the future of QIS.

QIS Education & Workforce

Retention of top talent, stronger recruiting opportunities, and a reliable pipeline for new employees.

Infrastructure & Resources

Spearhead end-to-end transformation across New Mexico’s QIS Startup Ecosystem through strategic technology transfer and business development support.


Meet Our Leadership

Ivan Portrait

Ivan Deutsch

Co-Director of QNM-I

University of New Mexico Professor, Regents' Professor Director, Center for Quantum Information and Control

Tzvetan Portrait

Tzvetan Metodi

Co-Director of QNM-I

Sandia National Laboratories Manager, R&D Science and Engineering Department of Quantum Computer Science