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The University of New Mexico is hosting the first Quantum New Mexico (QNM) Symposium on Thursday, March 31st, and Friday April 1st, 2022.  Event programming will focus on the strength of New Mexico’s quantum programs, highlighting opportunities to build the local quantum economy, develop a quantum ready workforce, and engage with leading institutions across the state.  

The symposium will be held both in-person and virtually for attendees. On Thursday, March 31st, sessions will be held in-person in the UNM Student Union Building (SUB) Ballroom B. All sessions on Friday, April 1st will be held virtually but attendees are welcome to attend a viewing session in PAÍS. Please be sure to note if you plan to take advantage of this in-person opportunity in your RSVP. 

This event will involve quantum powerhouses and leaders across the state, including the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Lab, Air Force Research Lab, New Mexico State University, and many more.  

The Quantum New Mexico Symposium is sponsored in part by the New Mexico Consortium, as well as UNM’s Center for Quantum Information and Control and Office of the Vice President for Research. 


Come and experience why

New Mexico is a Quantum State.





Thursday, March 31st

All sessions are expected to take place in person in the UNM Student Union Building (SUB) Ballroom B. 



8:30 AM

Breakfast/Informal Networking

8:30 AM
8:55 AM

Welcome and Overview

UNM Special Assistant to the Provost, Dr. Edl Schamiloglu, and Sandia Chief Research Officer, Dr. Susan Seestrom welcome attendees and share their insights on the important role QIS will play in our future.



Susan Seestrom
Chief Research Officer
Sandia National Labs

Edl Schamiloglu
Distinguished Professor
Special Assistant to the Provost

UNM School of Engineering

8:55 AM
9:00 AM

Recorded Keynote Message from Senator Martin Heinrich

9:00 AM
10:00 AM

New Mexico is a Quantum State

This session will provide an introduction to Quantum Information Science & Technology (QIST) and its importance for education, research, and the economy. Three leaders from UNM, Sandia, and Los Alamos National Laboratories will describe New Mexico's deep history in QIST that helped to launch the Second Quantum Revolution and why NOW is the time to launch QNM.



Ivan Deutsch
Regents' Professor and Director
Center for Quantum Information & Control
The University of New Mexico

John Sarrao
Deputy Director
Science, Technology, & Engineering (SciTech)
Los Alamos National Labs

Rick Muller
Senior Manager
Advanced Microsystems Group
Sandia National Labs

10:15 AM
10:35 AM

QNM Institute Launch

Join us for the launch of UNM and Sandia Laboratories' brand new joint QNM Institute. Students and researchers are especially encouraged to attend to learn how to engage with the Institute.


Setso Metodi
Quantum Computing (Theory)
Sandia National Labs

10:40 AM
12:00 PM

UNM Quantum Alumni Showcase

The University of New Mexico has long been a leader in educating future leaders in QIS. In this session, you will meet UNM alumni who are now contributing to QIST innovation in various sectors.



Sergio Boixo

Shohini Ghose
Wilfrid Laurier University

David Hayes



Raf Alexander

Josh Combes
University of Colorado

Steve Flammia

Sayonee Ray

Travis Scholten

1:00 PM

Lunchtime Networking


4:00 PM

VIP Facility Tours

Join us for VIP Tours of QIST facilities, including UNM’s PAIS and Center for High Technology Materials, and Sandia National Laboratories’ Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT).

6:00 PM

Informal Happy Hour

Draft & Table, UNM SUB




Friday, April 1st

All sessions are expected to take place virtually, but participants are invited to watch these virtual sessions in-person at UNM's state-of-the-art facility, PAÍS. Please be sure to note if you plan to take advantage of this in-person opportunity in your RSVP. 




Small Group Networking in Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science Building (PAÍS)

9:00 AM

9:10 AM


Day 2 Welcome and Overview

Welcome to day 2 of the QNM Symposium! Today's programming will be focused on the future of QIS within New Mexico, with programming focused on the QNM Coalition, Industry Engagement, Economic Development, and Workforce Development opportunities. 


Dr. Luis Cifuentes, NMSU
Vice President for Research
New Mexico State University

9:10 AM

9:30 AM

QNM Coalition: New Mexico's Quantum Future 

The QNM Coalition is a partnership focused on developing the quantum ecosystem across the state. In this session, speakers will discuss the QNM Coalition's vision for the state, the opportunities we foresee to build a robust QIS technology sector, and the challenges that we will face in building a thriving quantum economy.


Dave Hanson
Assistant Vice President for Research and Professor
The University of New Mexico

9:30 AM

10:15 AM

Quantum Industry Spotlight

In this panel, industry leaders from pure play quantum startups to field leading multinational companies will share their perspectives on the current state of the field, demands for a quantum ready workforce, partnership opportunities, and what they would look for to do business in NM in the future. Come meet our panelists and learn what NM can do to start engaging world leading quantum companies.


David Kistin
Manager, Sandia National Laboratories Technology and Economic Development Department



David Steurman
Director of Academic and Government Partnerships

Scott Davis
CEO and Co-Founder
Vescent Photonics

Kaniah Konkoly-Thege
Chief Legal Officer

Dana Anderson
CTO and Founder

Krysta Svore
General Manager - Quantum Systems

Joe Broz
Vice President of Quantum Growth and Markets
IBM Quantum


11:00 AM

Building a Quantum Economy

This session will highlight the breadth of QIST research and applications across various economic domains in New Mexico and beyond. Speakers will discuss the role of QIST research and innovation in New Mexico's economic development, and what that means for workforce development and supporting economic opportunities for underrepresented groups.



Michael Devetsikiotis
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of New Mexico



Mary Monson
Senior Manager
Tech Partnership and Business
Sandia National Labs

Duncan McBranch
Los Alamos National Labs

Dana Catron
New Mexico State University

Lisa Kuutilla
UNM Rainforest Innovations

Gabe Mounce
Air Force Research Laboratory

Jon Clark
New Mexico Economic Development Department

11:05 AM

11:55 AM

Building a Quantum-Ready Workforce

This session will highlight the current and future plans of QNM partners in developing the next generation quantum workforce. Come learn about our QIS Summer Schools (LANL Summer School, UNM Qu-REACH), and how high school and community college students can start to engage with QIS through programs like QSTEP and Quantum Camp.


Corey Stambaugh
Sr. Policy Advisor
National Quantum Coordination Office at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Megan Ivory
Sandia National Labs

Yolanda Lozano
CS Alliance
Quantum Summer Camp

David Gruber
Growth Sector STEM Core

Victor Acosta
Associate Professor
The University of New Mexico

Lukasz Cincio
Los Alamos National Labs
Quantum Computing Summer School

11:55 AM

12:10 PM

Closing Ceremonies: How to Work with QNM

In this session, learn how different groups can engage with QNM. Learn more about National Labs, Research Institutes, academia, and ways you can join the quantum revolution.

Ellen Fisher
Vice President for Research
The University of New Mexico



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